Campaign Monitoring

Track and report Ads campaigns and connect with SDK tracking

Email Promotion

Personalize your email campaign and send it out.

Omni channel

Integrating real-time marketing and all customer contact channels into one.


SMS Alert

Automatically delivering messages, promotions, notifications, or a system for accumulating points for loyal, unique customers.


intelligent merchandise recommendation systems which will give you a feeling like you have a friend who can guide your merchandise selections.

Web Push notification

Notify all promotions and campaigns to customers who have visited the website

Real-time Personalized Advertising

Not only comprehends, but also reacts right away to every connection from a customer.

Social Personalized Message

Preserving client chat history for use in customized marketing.

Service Call Center

No matter which channel the customer used to purchase from or reach them, the sales/call center team can maintain a smooth connection.